Core Services

The Village Doctor is an attempt to counter current trends in medicine by merging a highly accessible, compassionate practice with the technologically driven, evidenced-based requirements of today. Read our Practice Concept. By cutting the overhead to the minimum and utilizing electronic medical records to perform a lot of the tasks traditionally done by other employees, The Village Doctor offers:

  • Same day appointments for established patients
  • High continuity—The only provider is a Board Certified Family Physician
  • Respect for YOUR time with minimal to no waiting times
  • Longer visits—20 minutes for established patients and up to an hour for new patients
  • Home visits for patients living in Hilton Village and the surrounding area
  • 24/7 access from one number with cell phone access when office closed
  • A FREE Wellness Coordinator to help you achieve your health care goals
  • Superior quality care as measured by quality indicators
  • Latest up-to-date treatment modalities through internet-based resources