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Quality Indicators

The Village Doctor has joined with other Ideal Medical Practices to seek ways of improving medicine for all our patients. To do this WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are asking every one of our patients over the age of 14 to do the online health survey “How’s Your Health.” The survey is a wonderful way of assessing your health and the more people who do the survey, the more Dr. Brady can adjust our practice to make it better. If you are an existing patient, please take the time to go through the survey by clicking on the link and putting in Access Code: IMP101

How’s Your Health

Latest outcome data for about 100 of our patients:

The Village Doctor National Average
I get perfect care… 60% 30%
I have easy access 75% 45%
My time is seldom wasted 89% 70%
I get exactly the care I want… 58% 30%

Starting Your Own Ideal Medical Practice

If you are a physician and may be interested in liberating yourself to practice idealized medicine, here are a few documents that may help. My business plan (with numerous comments) was changed in 2006 to reflect changes due to inflation. The “practice expenses” and “growth of practice” spreadsheets again reflect my actual numbers for the first 2+ years of practice.

The Village Doctor:  Business Plan

Expenses and Growth of Practice